Today: Linette Branham

At 4:30 today in PAC 002, Dr. Linette Branham, Director of Policy and Professional Practice for the Connecticut Teachers Association will be speaking about a teacher’s perspective on education reform and the reform movement in CT.

the following links present more background information to preface Dr. Branham’s lecture:

Another summary (by the CEA) of the reform bill “compromise” if you’d like more information


The following are questions posed by SOC419 students to be addressed by Dr.Branham today:

What problems do policies like Michelle Rhee famous policies pose for teachers? Do you see any specific flaws or good parts of this program?

What opinions are there on TFA (Teach for America)? Does it do good for students (as some studies have shown) or does it only serve the people who are in the program (who don’t usually stay in teaching according to Ravitch’s chapter)?

I’m not to sure exactly what is the job of a teacher’s union, could you please describe them? Do you choose which on to join? How does a teacher’s union benefit you when it comes to the implementation of new reform?

Being that parental feedback is part of teachers evaluation, and a crucial part to student achievement, have you thought of creative ways to increase parental involvement in their child’s education?

What is your least favorite and favorite part about the new teacher evaluations? In what ways has it affected you and your teaching?

On the CEA website it mentions that 43,000 teachers are part of CEA.  Does this include only public school teachers? Do all teachers in public schools have to join?  Why wouldn’t a teacher want to join a teachers’ union?

Why is is damaging to link evaluations to “tenure, certification and salary”?  If it were up to the teachers, how would they be evaluated (percentage break down of test scores, peer reviews, etc)?

Discussion leader this week is Tory Mathieson.


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