Leonie Haimson on parent trigger and “Won’t Back Down”

Many people believe the film promotes the privatization of public education and inflames a political climate in which teachers are unjustly disparaged and blamed for the effects of poverty and educational inequity.

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One response to “Leonie Haimson on parent trigger and “Won’t Back Down”

  1. I’d be interested in seeing the film to give these critiques some context, but overall the article convinced me that a “Parent Trigger” would be disastrous to many schools. Parent involvement is an important thing and can be beneficial in so many different ways but this law seems to give parents a tremendous amount of power. Only 51% of parents have to sign and an entire school could turn private just like that. It is interesting that when petitions have been started so many parents then want to retract their signatures. This goes to show that the education system has checks and balances for a reason when it come to our children’s futures. “Parent Trigger” although it seems like was not intended to be so, has become just another law that promotes schools choice and privatization of the U.S. education system, it is a complete step in the wrong direction, and further fuels the battle on americas hard working teachers. We need to trust and support our existing schools not make available the ability to destroy them on a whim.

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