Simoneil Sarbh: Who is responsible?

Long’s final question at the end of the handout caught my attention. He asks “Who is responsible for educational inequalities: students or society?” From zoning to the differences between public schools based on the specific district, society seems to have really created unequal opportunities for kids. The repercussions of a good elementary school education compared to a bad elementary school education are large enough to determine the rest of a child’s life. A good teacher in first grade can place a student in an high track in second grade, which can lead to going to a better middle school, being placed in AP classes, and getting a scholarship to a wonderful university. In the same way a school with no resources, too many children in the classroom for the one exhausted teacher can lead to a student not caring about school and dropping out of high school after navigating through low tracks in middle school. Society (centered around financial concepts) are what have led to the inequalities in education and have major implications on children in school.

Another issue I have with the education system is that America keeps boasting and claiming about equal opportunity for all. India would never dare say that all their schools are equal, or that every child deserves an equal opportunity, because it is blatantly not the truth. For some reason America thinks that by saying every child deserves equal opportunity to education, every child is receiving equal opportunity. This fact is very far from the truth. It really frustrates me that people still throw around these quotes “don’t let your zip code control your destiny” or “every child is given the right to equal education” when they are in fact exactly what is happening. The education system either needs to admit that they do not provide equal opportunity for all, or change the system so that these claims have some truth behind them.


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